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Cord Blood Banking

Cord blood banking is the collection and preservation of blood stem cells taken from the umbilical cord after the baby is safely delivered - as treatment for life-threatening diseases. Cord Blood is one of the richest sources of pluripotent adult stem cells.

Cord Stem Cell Banking

Cord stem cell banking is the collection and preservation of the entire umbilical cord. Its research is a new breakthrough in medical science - and is used for treatment for not only for regenerating organ tissues, blood and immune systems, but also that of structural and connective tissues.

Banking with StemCord

Banking your baby's cord blood is a long-term commitment and you should choose a cord blood bank with the highest quality standards.


Since 2002, StemCord has been the pioneer in more ways than one. As Singapore’s experienced and established private cord blood and cord stem cell bank, we are committed to the uncompromising standards of processing and preserving your baby’s cord blood and cord stem cells. We are Singapore’s only private cord blood and cord stem cell bank that securely stores cord blood and cord stem cells in multiple cryo units separately at two of our laboratories, giving you the extra peace of mind.

With a proven track record of contributing to the successful engraftment of not just one, but 13 cord blood transplants*, and in accordance with the international standards set by FACT-NetCord for the release of cord blood units, you can be assured of StemCord’s reliable and stringent processing and storage methods. Safeguard the health of your family with StemCord today.

*Transplant to treat neuroblastoma cancer, severe aplastic anemia, refractory AML, cerebral palsy disorder, autism spectrum and thalassemia major.





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Happy Clients


“We all get sick from time to time. One never knows, one day I might have the need to use it or at least my relatives or my spouse. Of course, one hopes that time never comes but when it does, I wanted to be prepared. Cord Blood Banking simply increases the treatment options for my family.”


Robina Gokongwei-Pe – Director JG Summit Subsidiaries and Affiliates, Columnist, Sunday Lifestyle The Philippine Star

“We chose StemCord over a local cord blood bank because of the long-term security of their laboratories which are both located in Singapore. Plus, their International accreditation with FACT- NetCord gives us the assurance of the highest quality standards in all aspects of cord blood collection, processing testing and cord blood release.”

John Estrada, Award-winning Movie and TV Actor

“I learned of cord blood banking from numerous articles in birthing literatures in the States. The cord blood collection was effortless and I recommend it to my friends and relatives for their peace of mind.”

Mary Grace Poe Llamanzares
Senator, Businesswoman, Educator, Philanthropist

“The deciding factor for me was that cord blood stem cells can only be harvested during child birth and so we couldn’t afford not to do it when the opportunity was there already. It was now or never!”

Maritoni Fernandez
Actress, Model and Entrepreneur

“Being entrepreneurs, my husband and I assessed that what we are giving is a small price to pay for our peace of mind – knowing that we should not have to worry and desperately search the world for a suitable stem cell donor should we or a family member require it in the future.”

Kakai Manotok – Arroyo
Entrepreneur, Daughter In-law of former President Gloria Macapagal- Arroyo

“Although the medical benefits may not be researched or proven at the moment, having the security of this cord blood banking is an assurance that medical treatments would be accessible in the future and with the expansive growth of medical research and development, the benefits grow larger.”

Tessa Prieto – Valdes
Interior Designer, Columnist and Socialite-Philanthropist

“My husband and I decided to do cord blood banking because we wanted to protect the health of our family. Medicine is progressive and it’s advancing by leaps and bounds. There are amazing findings on the benefits of cord blood banking and it has been proven to cure a number of deadly diseases. We believe that if we have the opportunity to avail of such medical breakthroughs, it would be foolish to do otherwise.”

Bianca Araneta-Elizalde- Model, VJ, Author, Entrepreneur & Founder “The Wholesome Table”

“I got to sit down with a StemCord representative and registered nurse that will assist my Doctor, and actually wait until the extraction is done. I really appreciated their thorough explanation of the entire procedure. After meeting them, really there was no turning back.” (, March 22, 2016)

Mikaela Martinez- Lagdameo – Model and Entrepreneur

“There was so much research on stem cells and what they could potentially do- the diseases they could treat, the people whose lives they could save. No one had to lose a life to make these stem cells available to our daughter. I’m certain that there are no religious or ethical conflicts in banking Nicole’s cord blood, since the umbilical cord is usually discarded (with the placenta) after giving birth.”

Lea Salonga – TONY Award-Winning Singer & Actress, The Voice Philippines Coach

“Securing a healthy future for my kids’ means knowing who to Trust. Banking blood cord at StemCordPhils, I have a sense of assurance for the whole family. I want to be prepared.”

Judy Ann Santos- Agoncillo – Film & Television Superstar, Junior Master Chef Host, Professional Chef



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