What Do I Do, I’m Going to Be a Daddy! A Pregnancy Guide for Dads


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Your wife have just been through few rounds of pregnancy test kits, and to be sure, been to the doctor to double check. There you have just been congratulated on the coming new addition to the family. The myraid of thoughts are beginning to sink in and you are excited, apprehensive and probably confused on what your next steps are.
It may appear as if there is little the men do during pregnancy. That is however, quite the opposite. While the wife is under-going major physical changes amongst other things, the husband too, will experience some big changes seldom discussed. This article is a brief pregnancy guide for dads, and will discuss what you should expect when your wives become pregnant and how you can be involved when expecting.


1st Trimester

When you first hear the news that you and your wife are pregnant, you might go through emotions of joy, excitement, apprehension and fear. In the beginning it may also take a while for it to feel real, as your wife isn’t yet ‘showing’ and the ‘news’ too may not yet have gone out. However your wife is most likely experiencing some physical discomforts, including morning sickness. As your wife’s body is preparing for the higher-than-average hormone levels, she may start to feel nauseous and vomit frequently. In fact nausea may not just strike in the morning, but anytime of the day.

You can show care by watching out for your wife, carrying a few plastic bags when you are out. Morning sickness can also be less intense with a high-protein meal. Try preparing a fish dish or make a protein shake the night before. Ginger in small amounts, is also helpful in managing morning sickness..

If your wife is irritable during this period, try to be patient. Remember, there is a lot of hormonal changes going on! Help your partner relax, perhaps let her take a few days off the house chores by playing housekeeper. Spend quality time together, help out with preparing for the baby’s arrival so she understands that you are also involved in the process.


2nd Trimester

Your partner may begin to regain some energy and feel more relaxed in the 2nd trimester. During pregnancy some women feel a heightened sex drive while others are not quite interested in sex. While it is safe to have sex during pregnancy, it is best to discuss the most comfortable option with your wife.

As you start to plan for the arrival of the baby there may clothes to buy, car seats to think about, a room to redecorate, discussions on how you want to raise your child and a lot of other baby talk that take away quality time between you and your partner. The 2nd trimester can be a great time for you both to get some time away from the stresses of parenthood, as your wife is still energetic not yet too tired to make a trip to somewhere farther out.


3rd Trimester

It is almost the home-run and in the 3rd trimester your baby is active and kicking, gaining in weight and form daily. With the extra weight she is carrying, your wife start feeling tired frequently.

Many women find it difficult to sleep in the later weeks of their pregnancy as the weight of the baby and the shape of their body make it uncomfortable in bed. As a husband you will find your own sleep disrupted your bed partner tries all ways to get to sleep. Be sympathetic and realize that the interferences with sleep that you encounter is a fraction of the bigger discomforts she is dealing with.

Before the baby arrives it is a good time to do a few things around the house to ensure it is safe for the young one. Check that the baby crib is secure, and that there are no obstacles getting to your baby when he/she is crying at night. Put in some extra lights if necessary. Practice fitting a baby seat in the car, and taking it out – learning to do it correctly now could well protect your child when you are on the road.

In the last trimester you will start packing for the hospital. Don’t forget to organise your own things too, including some snacks, a change of clothes, your phone chargers and of course a camera!

Lastly, be prepared to get a call from your wife at anytime. Keep your mobile phone close to you. Before all that happens, keep a day or two aside where you and your wife can be spend a quiet time alone before challenges of a new baby comes along.


Source: Stemcord.com.sg