Recommendable Apps for First-Time Moms   



Image: Pexels

At this age of new technology, women and children and soon-to-be moms rely on technology for updated info to help them regulate/monitor their overall health.

These are some useful mobile apps specifically for first-time parents and soon-to-be moms. (Compatible for ios and android users.

What to Expect


From the world’s most trusted pregnancy brand, this very useful app helps you on your day-by-day and week-by-week pregnancy! There are also useful tools and health information that feature highlights on baby’s growth and curated feeds about pregnancy and stages of pregnancy that helps you engage with online communities too. It’s worth your download and an enjoyable read too! FREE to download but check for monthly subscription fees. Download on App Store and Google Play.


My Pregnancy Baby Today


This App focuses on parenting journey, insights and expert opinions through pregnancy and parenting guidance. There is also a 24/7 online support for your urgent needed advice. The images and know-how basics are really phenomenal! Check it out on App Store and Google Play.


Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro


This App is so colorful you’ll enjoy not only its informative content but it serves as a journal. If you’re a pic-a-holic, then this is your go-to app! Great for first-time mums and you can also take note of your mood, energy, cravings, etc. FREE download! How cool is that! Available on App Store and Google Play.


Sprout Pregnancy


This UK edition Pregnancy App is one of the Time Magazine’s TOP 50 Apps of the year. Trusted and recommended by families. The app features a 3D interaction of Baby’s movement and many more. This app is compatible to ios 7 or later and get it for FREE.


Classical Music for Mommies


This app was developed by “Dream Group LTD” and gives classical music for mommies and mom-to-be! Classical music is a relaxing way for moms and baby’s to bond and has a good effect on baby’s development. The app claims to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. Requires ios 8 or later. Get it on App Store and Google Play for FREE.