Hello 2018!

summerWe are moving closer to the hottest time of the year — Summer! Time for water-splashed activities and outdoor fun with family and friends to make the best out of the hot weather. Most importantly, it’s the time of the year when you need to stay as hydrated as possible and where heat precautions must be taken seriously. Here are a few tips on how to stay safe and prepared for the summer heat:

Sleeves off, sunscreen on!

Although going out during the summer sounds like fun, we must be precautious before revealing skin under the sun. Putting on sunscreen with SPF 15 or higher will give a wide protection. Also wear lightweight and light-colored clothes to make you feel and look cool.

Stay hydrated!

Hot weather naturally causes us to sweat a lot. Drinking more than 8 glasses of non-alcoholic fluids will help in recovering all the liquids we have sweat out during the humid days. It is also advisable to limit exercise during these times or if you must work out, drink two to four glasses of fluids every hour.

Staying indoors, more fun?

While summer means having some outdoor fun, the heat could sometimes be unbearable. It is worthwhile to stay indoors when the weather seems to be intolerable; besides, playing indoor activities such as board games can be an entertaining bonding time for the family.

Protect your family

And by family, we also mean your pets. The heat may be a struggle too for animals. Leaving them in a locked car unattended or even leaving them outside the house may cause heat stroke. It is advisable to let your pets enter the house and possibly with the air-condition on. Give them a fresh bowl of water regularly.

For expectant moms, overheating can make you feel tired and dehydrated, as well as uncomfortable. Feeling very hot may lead to heat exhaustion, which is when you feel unwell and start to lose water or salt from your body. Taking extra precaution helps decrease the risk of heat-related illness for both the mom and the baby. Be sure to consult your doctor for any signs of unusual symptoms.

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