When choosing a cord blood bank, it is important to put the credentials of the company to the test. For StemCord, the medical expertise behind the company testify to the high standards of the banking of stem cells.

StemCord Pte. Ltd. has an impressive Board of Directors who are highly distinguished practicing medical oncologists, hematologist and physicians with vast contributions in bone marrow and peripheral stem cell transplantation programmers in Singapore.

In spite of their individual professional and hectic careers as doctors, our directors are actively involved in the day-to-day management and operations of the lab with the primary mission to help save lives.


Founders and Medical Directors of StemCord


Dr. Teo Cheng Peng, Chairman/Medical Director and Co-Founder 

Senior Consultant Haematology – Parkway Cancer Centre, Singapore

Consultant Haematology-Oncology and Physician – Gleneagles Hospital, Singapore

MBBS (Singapore), M. Med (Internal Medicine), FAMS (Haematology)




StemCord has been in existence solely for the storage of cord blood stem cells because we believe that these stem cells should always be readily available when needed. Evidence of fast-growing autologous use of stem cells certainly reaffirms StemCord’s role and belief in private cord blood storage for regenerative medicine.

Dr. Leong See Odd, Chief Executive Officerand Co-Founder

Consultant Nephrology – Kidney Medical Centre, Singapore

MBBS (Singapore), M. Med (Internal Medicine), MRCP (United Kingdom), FAMS (Nephrology), FRCP (Edinburgh)

“The merits of collecting cord blood is that it does not pose any ethical issues as opposed to that of embryos. Hence, using one’s own stem cells constitute a perfect match for the owner and would not have problems like rejection or graft vs. host disease.”



Helping Save Lives Through Cord Blood Banking

During the course of their work, the doctors saw many cancer patients who needed stem cell transplants but were frustrated that the option was not always available. Thus, they decided that cord blood banking would provide a form of biological insurance for patients with cancer. They started StemCord in 2002 with the commitment to provide an affordable, professional and reliable service to help people know more about stem cells and give parents the opportunity to bank for future generations.

In addition, the founders insisted on a number of measures to maximize its potential, as the cord blood may be useful for future treatment of organ failure. At StemCord, cord blood is stored in multiple cryo units. Having them in separate units allows our clients to use only what is needed as thawed cord blood cannot be refrozen. Plus, it enables the storage of the cord blood in different locations for added security and peace of mind. True to its mission, StemCord aims to provide Hope for the Future.

Trusted Private Cord Blood Bank in Singapore

StemCord Pte. Ltd. is a private, autologous cord blood bank in Singapore licensed by the Ministry of Health (MOH) on 6 March 2002, and became operational on the same day. Using the stringent criteria set by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) and the Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy and NetCord (FACT-NetCord), StemCord adopts the highest standard of quality control in protecting the viability of the stem cells. Today, StemCord remains focused on its main objective of processing and preserving your child’s precious cord blood stem cells and trusted by over 38,000 customers across the region.

Pioneer Service Provider in the Philippines

StemCord Philippines, Inc. was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 29 September 2003 and affiliated with StemCord Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) as the PIONEER in providing cord blood banking services in the country. StemCord offers expectant mothers the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have their child’s cord blood saved. StemCord offers the longest experience in the Philippines

FACT-Accredited Leader in southeast Asia


StemCord Pte. Ltd. is accredited by FACT-NetCord (Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy and NetCord), the most prestigious and recognized international accrediting organization that addresses all quality aspects of cord blood collection, processing, banking, selection, and release of autologous cord blood units.
StemCord Pte. Ltd. holds the prestige as the private cord blood bank first certified by FACT-NetCord in Southeast Asia on 10 January 2011 and again, in 2013.
Likewise, StemCord Philippines Inc. is FACT-NetCord Certified having gone through stringent FACT protocol inspection on all aspects of collection, handling, documentation and transport of cord blood collections to StemCord Pte. Ltd. in Singapore on 9 October 2013, and again on 21 November 2016.

The FACT-NetCord is committed to the highest international standards for cord blood banking to ensure error-free processing and documenting procedures.
“The accreditation of a cord blood bank by FACT-NetCord inspires confidence in patients and doctors that the cord blood units are of the highest quality and ensures desirable outcomes for patients.” — Dr. Teo Cheng Peng, Chairman / Medical Director, StemCord Pte. Ltd.

StemCord Pte. Ltd. is the only cord blood bank in Singapore that stores cord blood in multiple units, giving our clients the flexibility to use what is only needed. StemCord owns and operates its own two laboratories and storage facilities, dedicated only to the collection, processing and storage of stem cells. It adheres to a high standard of quality control and assurance on samples to ensure the viability of stem cells. With promising developments in using stem cells in Regenerative Therapy, storing stem cells in multiple units provides the capacity for multiple treatments if needed. We also take the extra step to split the cord blood units into two separate locations for your added security and peace of mind.

Lab 1: 100 Pasir Panjang Road, #03-02/03/04, Singapore 118518
Lab 2: The Gemini, 41 Science Park Road, #01-21, Singapore 117610
Representative Offices: Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and The Philippines

Storing Cord Blood Separately Will Not Reduce The Cell Dose

Having your baby’s cord blood stored separately will not reduce the cell dose and compromise the outcome of future treatments. This is because when you store with a private cord blood bank, all the cord blood units belong to your child for your family’s own use. This is an important difference from hybrid cord blood banks 1, which also exist.

A hybrid cord blood bank splits your cord blood unit into two separate deposits, for both private and public use. Given that the cell dose is an important predictor of successful transplant outcomes, 2-4 such ‘split cord blood units’ might place their potential recipients at a disadvantage and their application, therefore, unlikely, unless successful stem expansion becomes practical in this setting.

(1Rubinstein, P. (2009) Cord blood banking for clinical transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplantation. 44. pp. 635-642)

Maximum Potential With Storage in Two Cryo Bags

  • StemCord is the only cord blood bank in Singapore with two separately located laboratories. Marketing Offices at the prestigious Gleneagles Medical Centre and Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital (Singapore), and St. Luke’s Medical Center – Quezon City (Philippines) to serve the needs of our clients.
  • StemCord owns both the state-of-the-art laboratories located in 100 Pasir Panjang and Science Park II, and they are specifically dedicated to only the processing and storage of stem cells. The Philippine representative office do not operate a stem cell processing laboratory and every sample collected in the Philippines is sent to be tested, processed and cryo-stored in Singapore within 48 hours after collection.
  • StemCord employs stringent criteria set by the AABB (American Association of Blood Banks) and the FACT (Foundation for the Accreditation of Cellular Therapy) and NetCord. This is to ensure that the highest standards are adhered to — in terms of processing and quality control — so as to guarantee that the cord blood is safe and viable for transplant.
  • StemCord processes and stores cord blood in the same location to reduce transport time and the risks involved in moving cord blood.
  • All StemCord laboratory staff are licensed medical/laboratory technologists with experience in processing and handling cord blood.
  • StemCord wholly owns and operates its laboratories and storage facilities with 100% emergency backup capabilities.

Hope For The Future

StemCord Pte. Ltd. is not directly involved in research and development as it is very capital intensive and could potentially cripple a company financially.

StemCord Pte. Ltd. believes that the best uses of stem cells is in the future. Hence, the Company must be financially stable and must remain viable in the future.

In order to protect our clients’ long-term interests, StemCord Pte. Ltd. cannot allow risky ventures that may bankrupt the company.

StemCord Pte. Ltd. is founded and managed by doctors. As such, hold the same founding values as doctors, which is — To Serve Humanity.