Banking with StemCord

Step 1 – Contact StemCord


For a FREE Info Packet
For a no obligation appointment with our Sales and Medical Consultants
For a copy of the Cord Blood and/or Cord Stem Cells Storage Agreement


Step 2 – Enroll with StemCord


Fill out and sign on the full set of Cord Blood and/or Cord Stem Cells Storage Agreement Form
Complete the Medical History Form
Pay the required Enrollment Fee


Step 3 – Receive a Cord Blood Collection Kit


Contains everything needed for the collection of your baby’s cord blood, including 2 maternal blood tubes and 10 cc. syringe
Includes 2 copies of Cord Blood Collection Form to be filled out with the client
Put the Cord Blood Collection Kit immediately in your hospital bag upon receiving it to avoid leaving it at home on the day of your delivery


Step 4 – Inform Your Doctor


Your OB-GYN may require more information on how to collect cord blood
Your OB-GYN may require assistance from StemCord before, during or after the cord blood collection
Your OB-GYN may fill out the part of the Collection DAta on the Cord Blood Collection Forms inside the kit


Step 5 – Activate StemCord


When you start experiencing labor pains and before you proceed to the hospital
When you are admitted at the hospital and due to delivery anytime soon
When OB assistance is required for cord blood collection, please allow at least 2 hours lead time for our rep to reach the delivery room
When the cord blood has been collected and ready for pick up


Your Baby is Born with a Special Gift


Your baby’s umbilical cord blood is a rich source of unique stem cells, which are the building blocks of the body’s blood and immune systems. Your pregnancy provides your family with a once in a lifetime opportunity to save your newborn’s cord blood. By banking your baby’s cord blood with StemCord, you ensure your family’s access to the future health potential and life-saving benefits of these amazing cells. Don’t throw it away!


Very Important Reminders:


Remember to take the Cord Blood Collection Kit along with you to the hospital
Endorse the Kit to your OB or the OB-resident before you enter the labor/delivery room
Remind your doctor to clamp and cut the cord as near the baby as it is safely possible
Remind your doctor to collect a minimum of 40-60ml of umbilical cord blood right after the safe delivery of your baby