Stem Cell Research offers hope on Esophageal Cancer Treatment


Concept image of radiotherapy acting against cancer cells. Image: Kateryna Kon/Shutterstock

“A team including Trinity College Dublin researchers has made a major breakthrough in the treatment of esophageal cancer using stem cell research, which could offer a means of fighting resistance to treatment.”

by Colm Gorey

17 JAN 2017

“Despite being one of the most common types of cancer both in Ireland and the world, treating oesophageal cancer has proven incredibly difficult.Patients with this cancer are typically treated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy. While a small number have an excellent response to treatment, the majority show a resistance that will see them suffer some of the side effects of such aggressive treatments. Now, new research from an Irish-led international team has discovered that a molecule lost from cancer stem cells, called miR-17, is important in driving esophageal tumor resistance to radiotherapy.”